Couples wearing glasses


Finding a pair that suits your individual needs requires an informed decision. We have listed the factors to consider to help you make the right choice.

Frame Size

Find a pair that fits the face well to ensure your eyes are protected from every angle. A poor fit lets stray UV rays seep into your skin and eyes. Do not, however, confuse size with coverage. Small-frame glasses can still be oversized design-wise.

Frame Material

The material your shades are made of has a specific function, price tag, and style. Sports adepts tend to pick nylon frames while the fashion crowd will gravitate toward acetate, which comes in a huge variety of colours and textures.

Lens Material

Different materials serve different purposes. Some are scratch-resistant, others are inexpensive, while others still are virtually indestructible. Pick a lens that suits your lifestyle.

Lens tint

While tinted, coloured lenses are all the rage, it is important to select a tint that suits your individual needs. Different tints will alter your perception, including clarity, depth, contrast, eye strain, and glare. Note however that the shade of your lens does not mean UV rays are blocked. Polarized lenses reduce glare but do not protect your eyes from sun damage.


Find a pair that you actually want to wear. Here are factors to consider: Face shape, eye and hair colour, skin tone, and most importantly–personality.

Face Shape


Almost any shades, if properly sized, work well with an oval, symmetrical shape.


Go for angular frames that flatter your soft, curved features.


Pick a style that elongates your broader forehead and narrows your chin to strike a perfect balance.


Look for curved frames that complement your defined jawline.

Eye Colour

Blue Eyes

Go for a contrasting brown tone to make the blue stand out. Or intensify your gaze with a matching tone, like cobalt, midnight, or steel blue.

Green Eyes

Try a shade of plum for a complimentary look or an emerald-green for something more radiant.

Brown Eyes

Lavender provides enough contrast to make brown eyes stand out, while a matching coffee or tortoise deepens your natural tone.

Hazel Eyes

A greenish frame will emphasize the gold tint in hazel eyes. Like for brown eyes, a brownish tone deepens the gaze.