Eyeglasses lenses


At Farouk Hossen we understand there is no such thing as one size fits all. Our highly trained staff is here to help you choose eyeglasses that suit your individual needs, and achieve perfect vision.

Single Vision

Single Vision is an all-purpose lens that provides vision correction for one viewing area only: distance, intermediate or near.


Bifocal is designed for two corrective distances. Typically people use it for far and near distances. Some may use it for intermediate and near.


Trifocal is a lens like a bifocal, but it has an additional line and an intermediate section that can be used.

No-line progressive

This lens allows you to see at all ranges distance, intermediate, and near without seeing a line. It is a blended lens also known as a no-line bifocal, no-line trifocal or multifocal.

Screen Lens

This lens is designed for computer use and other intermediate and close up activities. It relieves eye strain while providing the best vision if you work on a computer for hours. Screens emit a blue light that interferes with our sleep-wake cycle, which can even lead to insomnia. Even if you have perfect vision, you should still wear these glasses when working on a computer.


Known as transition lenses, they contain photochromic dyes that cause the lens to activate or darken when exposed to UV rays from sunlight. As the lighting changes, the tint adjusts, providing adequate vision at all times.


These reduce reflected glare, that is sunlight on surfaces like water or snow. In Mauritius, where we spend a fair amount of time on beaches and the sea, polarized sunglasses are useful. However, they do not protect against damaging UV rays.


These reduce glare, reflections, and halos around a light.

Scratch-Resistant & UV protection

A majority of lenses have these features built in.


A grey tint won’t change the colours of thing, while yellow may increase contrast. A lighter tint can hide the signs of aging around your eyes, and sometimes darker shades can help you see better in broad daylight.

Mirror Coatings

These purely aesthetic lenses hide your eyes.